School Assessment

Fantastic set of Twyford St Mary’s SATS results in 2014!

Congratulations are due all round to TSM children for the high standards they achieved in their end of KS1 and KS2 assessments, and Y1 phonics screening tests. In September the Department for Education released the 2014 SATS results data, which shows national averages, as well as results by county. The DfE data reveals that, in both KS1 and KS2, the standards primary school children are achieving across the country are consistently improving year on year in reading, writing and maths. However, TSM children compare very favourably with both national and Hampshire averages – they have done a fantastic job, both in terms of the levels of attainment they achieved and the progress they have made over the course of KS2.  We are very proud of them and thought parents might like to share in their achievements. 

At the end of KS2 children sit externally marked ‘SATS’ tests in reading, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and maths.  In addition, their broader writing skills are teacher assessed, based on pieces of independent writing which the children have completed during the year.  To ensure the quality of teacher assessment, each year a random sample of schools is moderated by external examiners.  In 2014, TSM was one of the sampled schools. We are pleased to report that the examiners confirmed TSM levelling judgements and did not identify any areas for improvement in the teaching of writing.  

The nationally expected level of attainment for most children at the end of KS1 is 2b and at the end of KS2 is 4b.The charts show that less confident TSM children are consistently achieving nationally expected standards; in addition, that more confident TSM children are really stretching themselves, to achieve Level 5 and, in some cases, even level 6 (the upper end of expectations for a 14 year old!)