Lunchtime Provision

Lunchtime Provision

What happens at lunchtime?

Lunchtime begins at 12.00 for Ash, Beech and Oak classes and at 12.15 for Sycamore, Willow and Yew classes. After eating their lunch in the hall, children have free play time until 1.15pm.

Play and lunchtime are important times of the day for the children in terms of their personal, social, emotional and physical development.

At Twyford St Mary’s we are developing the quality of lunchtime play to enrich children’s experiences.  We provide a range of materials to encourage children to play imaginatively. Equipment includes: big wooden blocks, crates, tyres, footballs and netballs, racquets and smaller balls, skipping ropes, blankets and chalks. Children are invited to bring in their own books or colouring pens and paper for use at lunchtimes.

We also provide several structured lunchtime clubs. These are often very popular, so places are offered on a rotation. Some of our lunchtime clubs include: Creation Club, Skiptrix, Rugby, Acting, Choir.

The  rota for Autumn 1 lunchtime clubs is shown here:-

 Lunchtime clubs rota Aut 1 2017 18 1

School Council

Our lunchtime provision and equipment is constantly being reviewed and improved by The School Council. We are in the process of implementing the following since our discussions: outdoor libraries, cat’s cradle, improving the quiet areas with more games (giant crosswords and chess), providing sports to be led by the children (e.g. tag rugby).

What do the children like to do at lunchtime?

“I like playing football and hula hooping.”


"I like getting to see my friends and playing together and doing handstands.”

“My friends like playing gymnastics games.”

“It’s nice to talk at playtime so you can come up with ideas for games together.”

“It’s nice to have a quiet area because it gives you a choice if you want something calm to do.”




“My favourite thing to do is talking to my friends and being calm.”

“I love art club, it’s nice to do something creative at lunch times.”

“I like to build things with the blocks and then play with them with my friends.”

“I love athletics club it’s so cool.”

My favourite thing to do is football! “

“The ‘Sport of the Week’ is good because it gives you different choices.